Online Webinar: Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Spirituality

The Golden Times of Ancient Egypt – Embodying the Living Light

Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Spirituality


In this Introductory Online Webinar on the mystical spiritual tradition

of the Golden Times of Ancient Egypt, Fotoula Adrimi shares wisdom

teachings, knowledge and insights that have shaped her life and her

soul's evolutionary path. 


Fotoula has practised and taught the ancient spirituality of the Living

Light in many lifetimes. Throughout these lives Fotoula's spirit guide for

these enlightened teachings has been the Great Mother of Mysteries of

1000 names, known in this world as ISIS. In this life, ISIS has once again

brought her teachings to the world through her channel Fotoula. And

she has given Fotoula a way of teaching the Path of the Living Light that

is relevant for our times.


We have incarnated at an important time of transition in the Earth’s story.

And, no matter how our life has been, or where we were born, there may

be a deep soul yearning in us to find the ancient Path of the Living Light,

 and continue our journey with it. ISIS says that the Path towards the

embodiment of the Living Light state, which we call enlightenment and

ascension, spans many lifetimes. It weaves through various spiritual traditions. It is lost, and then it emerges

once more. The last time that the Path was taught and practised in its entirety was during the Golden Times

of Ancient Egypt.


In the Webinar Fotoula guides us back in time, to the period before the fall of Atlantis, when the 

Pyramids were built. There, we meet the Masters of Light who brought the etheric energy of the Living Light

into the world. Fotoula speaks about how to walk the Path of the Living Light, until we become it. She also shares channellings from ISIS. 


The Path of the Living Light – Continuing the Journey of Soul Evolution

The Webinar in an introduction into a mystical spiritual tradition which is vast, rich and deep. For over 13 years, Fotoula has been sharing these teachings guided by ISIS and the other enlightened NETERU (the enlightened cosmic entities of light). She, and her colleague Fi Sutherland, offer courses into the double system of spiritual wisdom called The Seven Gates of Awareness and The Five Circles of Ascension. Fotoula, through the ISIS School of Holistic Health, has led four pilgrimages to the ancient Egyptian temples. 


Following the Introductory Webinar, participants can:


1)  Continue to work with the Path through the Seven Module Webinar Course, facilitated by Fotoula, and / or


2)  Attend the first course in the main body of the Spiritual Teachings: The Seven Gates of Awareness. This involves taking initiation into the First Gate, and completing the 3-day course: the Spiritual Path of ISET (ISIS), Part 1.

The initiation is an etheric energy attunement into an intelligent and powerful light portal. This opens participants energy centres in the body, allowing them to work with the teachings and practices of the Path. These courses are currently taught in Scotland and Germany. 



Introductory Online Webinar – Purchase and Watch


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