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The Initiations of the Light Bodies

The Teachings of the Living Light / The Path of

ISIS – includes seven main initiations of the light

bodies. Each initiation is a process of attunement,

where the light flows into the body to open our

spiritual channels and raise our vibration, helping

to increase our awareness.



The Initiations


The Seven Gates of Awareness exist in everything.

They derive from the heart of the Creator and

exist universally, as well as within each person.

Each Initiation opens one of these Gates. These

Initiations are sacred. Before each Initiation,

Fotoula uses sacred symbols and chants to

transform the room into a sacred space, the

Temple of Light, the Holy of Holies. These ways

were offered to Fotoula through channellings from ISIS. As a result, the energy in the room becomes distinctly different from the energy outside. One truly is in a place of high resonance and outside the usual vibration of

the earth.

During Initiations, ISIS merges with Fotoula’s body. It is ISIS who performs the Initiation, through Fotoula.

The Initiations take place on a one-to-one basis. It is a personal transmission. 


Although Fotoula has been asked by people from overseas to perform the Initiations online, ISIS has not allowed this. The Initiations are so sacred they have to take place within the Temple and with the person physically present. The Initiations require our physical presence so that the energy is anchored into the physical body and the light bodies.


Initiations are only the beginning of the journey. After an Initiation, Fotoula and Fi share the sacred teachings that help participants walk the spiritual path to ascension. These teachings comprise the sacred chants of ISET, meditations and ceremonies that help Initiates embody each Gate of Awareness and become what we have always been – the incarnation of the Living Light.



The First Initiation

For more information about the Foundation Teachings for Gate 1: the First Gate of Awareness, click here.

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