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This fundraising Ceremony is part of a long-standing support

project organised by the Glasgow Lodge of the Theosophical

Society. Since 2015, when an earthquake devastated many

villages and cities in Nepal, the Lodge has provided funds which

have supported the rebuilding of the Shree Saraswoti School in

the Sudurpaschim Province and paid the school fees for

orphaned and impoverished children.

The Ceremony will be facilitated by Fotoula as a gift from

the ISIS School of Holistic Health. The Ceremony is in person

and open to all – bookings are essential as places are limited.

Entry is by donation and all proceeds go directly to the

Society’s Nepalese Children Support Project.

The donations are collected by the Glasgow Theosophical Society and sent to Nepal once a year. To donate via PayPal you can use this link –  
or email us and we can send you the Society’s bank account details.


Nepalese children in classroom

In Person Fundraising Ceremony – March Equinox
Monday, 20th March, 19.00-21.00  Venue: Library, Glasgow Theosophical Society

yellow crocus

Venue: Library, Glasgow Theosophical Society,
17 Queen’s Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL

(Places limited: booking essential)

We will celebrate and connect with the Cycles of
the Seasons and the life-force energy of growth and expansion. We come together to remember that we too are nature and that through our bodies we are attuned to the Earth.


We engage the drum, the heart beat of the Earth, and the rattle, the heart beat of the sky, to empower us and our intentions for this springtime. On this day of balance, between equal day and night, we will work with the four sacred elements to bring ourselves into a state of balance, honouring both the physical and the spiritual self.


To book your place please email us on


Things to bring (optional): Drum or rattle, a crystal that will be charged with the power of the ceremony and then placed in the Earth at a place near where you live.

In person March Equinox Ceremony

Mon 20th March 19.00-21.00

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