As it was in ancient Egypt, Gate 1 is the foundation teaching, the

starting point, for the Path of ISIS and the Teachings of the Living

Light. Gate 1 is comprised of four courses (see below). The first

Course for those interested in stepping onto the Path of ISIS is,

The Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1.


In ancient Egypt every aspect of life was seen as sacred. No

matter people's profession, everyone received Initiation into

Gate 1. Blessed with the energy of the Living Light, people's

ability to perform their work was enhanced. The sacred

connection, inherent in all of us, was strengthened through the

spiritual teachings and practices. 


The ancient Egyptian Mother ISIS has shown us how the fall from

grace is the result of our alienation from the sacred within and

outside of us. The teachings, when practiced, aim to holistically build our connection with our Divine Self.

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Gate One – The First Gate of Awareness Courses

Gate One is the First Gate of Awareness and consists of 4 courses – the order is shown below. The teachings and practices of each course build on the previous one.


1)    Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1 


2)    Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 2

3)    Healing Path of ISET, Part 1

4)    Healing Path of ISET, Part 2

The four courses can be booked together or individually. Book all 4 courses together: pay £850 either in one payment or deposit £350 to secure your place. Then pay the balance of £500.00 at least two days before the start of the first course, Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1.


To book email:

The Spiritual Path of ISET (Parts 1 & 2)


This includes the first Initiation of the Gates of Awareness and the strengthening of our connection with the Etheric Body, also known as the KA or the Double, or the dream/astral body.


We work with the energies of sun and moon, the star Sirius and the Essence of ISIS to strengthen and empower. We walk the path of the Seven Gates of Awareness. And we work with karma purification and the non-material state to purify

and let go. 

Gate 1 Course Dates 2022


12-13 Feb 22:    Healing Path of ISET, Part 1 – £190.00,

                            dep £95.00

18-20 Mar 22:    Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1 – £285.00,

                            dep £140.00

01-03 Apr 22:    Healing Path of ISET, Part 2 – £285.00,

                            dep £140.00

06-07 Aug 22:    Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 2 – £190.00

                            dep £95.00

12-13 Nov 22:    Healing Path of ISET, Part 1 – £190.00,

                            dep £95.00

09-11 Dec 22:    Healing Path of ISET, Part 2 – £285.00,

                            dep £140.00


The Healing Path of ISET (Parts 1 & 2)


We start with the Initiation of the Opening of the Mouth for the living, to harness the connection with the BA, the eternal spirit of the higher self.

We practice distant healing through multi-dimensional portals and holistic healing with the living light (Part 2 leads to a qualification in spiritual healing practice). We build our connection to the chakras in the body, the chakras in the Earth and the 7 ascension chakras above our crown and the 7 related etheric bodies. 


Gate 1 – Foundation Teaching for The Path of ISIS