The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Evolution of Consciousness

One of the principal aims of The School is the elevation of the collective consciousness, through the enlightened Teachings of the Living Light and the other modalities taught and practiced in The School.

The main reason our world is out of balance, both at global and personal level, is that we are focused on the conditioned mind. The ego mind supports the illusion of separation from nature, each other and our own divinity. The pollution of the Earth, political upheavals, wars, disease and human and animal suffering are manifestations of this perspective, which keeps us trapped in lower vibrations and karmic cycles of fear, insecurity and greed.

The ancients, like many indigenous people, lived in harmony with nature and each other, recognising that negative thoughts, words and actions carry an unhealthy energy imprint, which can pollute the Earth and impact on human life. We are living with the karma of previous generations, who have elevated the importance of the mind over the heart.

The biblical paradigm of the Garden of Eden exists within us all. It is a state of consciousness, which we can access through raising our vibration and opening our hearts to our Divine nature.

Elevating consciousness – returning to the heart

In our life journey, circumstances can bring us into contact with enlightened teachings, to raise our consciousness. These windows of opportunity, appear in many different forms. They invite us to lift the curtains from our heart and mind and allow the sunlight to flow in, healing ourselves from the illusion of separation.

Life conspires to bring us in front of these windows, however, they will not open without effort and a strong intention from us. Even though we are always supported by life, we have to work to overcome the ego-mind and walk free of the conditioning.

Enlightened teachings are like seeds, brought to the Earth by friendly winds. When the Earth is fertile these seeds can grow, but many seeds fall on barren ground.

The School offers the Teachings of the Living Light / the Path of ISIS (ISET), as a way of raising our consciousness and opening these windows. Practicing the teachings helps us transform our personal life and raise the collective consciousness. We do this by bringing high vibrational energy, connected to the heart essence, into ourselves and into the Earth.

In practical terms, when we engage with the teachings, the high vibrational energies flow into our body, the land, and all living beings, raising our vibration and enabling us to see the world from the perspective of unconditional love. When we live from this perspective, we change the karma of our ancestral inheritance. As we become the vehicles of Divine Grace, we view the world as a place of beauty and joy. The teachings create continuous spirals of transformation within us; ripples of awareness that carry us towards Awakening.

In the spiritual teachings of ISIS (ISET), the heart is the seat of the Divine in the body. When awakened, it has the radiance of 100,000 suns, transforming everything it touches.