The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Opening the Heart – Connecting to All Life

The ISIS School of Holistic Health Credo

Underpinning the work of The ISIS School are the following principles:

  • all life is part of the One Divine Power,

  • within this manifested creation we are all equal cells of this One Divine Power,

  • unconditional love is the essence of the One Divine Power, and

  • the fundamental nature of humanity is unconditional love.

The ISIS School of Holistic Health Ethos

The School believes that we have an inner power; unconditional love. This power is inherent in everyone, but due to life circumstances, our upbringing and our karma, we can close our hearts and lose access to this power of Universal Love. Through spiritual development, we can slowly grow to remember the power that lies within; the grace that lives in our heart. We can become aware that we have the ability to change our life when we change the way we think about ourselves, other people and the world in general. 

This is an on-going journey. The spiritual path has no destination. We never arrive, we always walk. Even when we think we have opened our hearts, there may still be doors to open. We can always continue to learn, as love is limitless and so are we. The School’s principal gift is a spiritual discipline, the Teachings of the Living Light / the Path of ISIS. These Teachings show a way into the Heart of Creation. As practitioners of the Path we can rediscover the Heart, the Divine Love that we are, and see ourselves once more as a miracle of life.

Supporting a Spiritual Journey

Spirituality is a way of life, we learn to operate from 

the heart rather than the ego-mind. This is not easy 

to achieve. We are asked to find our inner strength, develop our resources to walk this path and take responsibility for who we are and what we do. We are supported during this process by teachers, Beings of Light and Life itself; but we also need to support ourselves.

Many people step onto this path and everyone has their own pace of walking. As this is an on-going journey, we regulate ourselves to our own pace. However, there are some valuable principles that we can adopt, if we so wish, that can help us on our journey. We can:

  • Examine our life to see where we hold any negative energy, patterns of behaviours and relationships 
   that do not serve us.
  • Open our mind to learn from the Earth; our natural environment.
  • Avoid distractions, harshness and things that take us back into lower vibrations and negative thinking, 
   such as gossip.
  • Open our heart to kindness and gratitude, seeing the diamond within ourselves and in every other being.
  • Release judgement and criticism of self and others.

Teaching holistic healing : Working with Integrity and an Open Heart

 Becoming the instruments through which the Divine plays music

In holistic healing we work with universal energies, the Divine Consciousness and the Light Eternal. In the world, 

a number of disciplines, schools, methods and ways of working with the Light have been developed. Frameworks enable practitioners to work in a safe space with confidence. However, knowledge of these methods is not enough. 

A method by itself has limited value, especially when it is considered to be absolute. 

Attunements and initiations are only doors. 

The ability of practitioners expands the more they practice. Spirit guides and teachers of the Light, 

will show them how they can take the method and make it their own. In addition, it is vitally important that practitioners do their own inner work to open their heart to unconditional love and compassion 

for all beings.

In this respect, the School's teachers engage in personal development, meditation and work in nature, practising wisdom teachings for the Highest Good of All Beings. They encourage and support the students of the School on their spiritual and personal development path.