The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Clinical Supervision

We retreat in order 

to return different, 

and of course, 

when we are different 

so are others.  (Carrol & Tholstrup) 

Supervision is a valuable and integral part of the therapeutic process, helping to ensure that standards of competency, with regards to client work, are maintained. It is also an important place whereby we, as Therapists, can continue to learn and develop personally and professionally.


The clients we work with are often beautiful mirrors for our own personal agendas and conditioning. The more we can work to clear out our personal motives and reactions, the more space we offer our clients in the session. It is in that space that shifts can happen. 


We aim to develop a healthy working partnership with our Supervisees by creating a safe space for our work which is based on sincerity, empathy, respect and trust. This space provides Therapists with the opportunity to develop more understanding and awareness of their clients, themselves and the inter-personal client-therapist relationships.


Fi Sutherland has experience of working with counsellors from many different theoretical approaches and modalities. She has also supervised hypnotherapists, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners and kinesiologists. Some therapists have been working with her for several years.

Fotoula Adrimi supervises shamanic practitioners, healers and energy therapists.