The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Channeling the Rays of Divine Consciousness

The Rays teachings and attunements were given to Fotoula by Archangel Gabriel. The process began in 2011 during a Spring Equinox ceremony at an ancient site in Scotland. Following the ceremony, Fotoula became aware of a spiritual presence around her, that identified itself as Archangel Gabriel. 

The Archangel asked Fotoula to open the crown chakra of the participants through an attunement process which would link them to the Rays of Divine Consciousness. Following the attunement, ISET gave Fotoula the meditation practices that enable people to work consciously with the Rays of Divine Consciousness.

Since 2011, Fotoula has initiated numerous people through the Opening of the Crown attunement. Each time, people feel the power coming into their body, and afterwards they are given the meditation practices related to each Ray.

Transmission of the Rays of Divine Consciousness

There is a monthly transmission of the Rays of Divine Consciousness that people are welcome to take part in to experience the Rays. However, in order to work more comprehensively with the Rays and build the energy fields within the body, people have to receive the 'opening of the crown' attunement in person by Fotoula Adrimi. These initiations take place in sacred sites of high energy. People can receive the initiations by attending the Rays of Divine Consciousness Retreat.