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Channel of ISIS – Fotoula Adrimi

Channel of ISIS – Fotoula Adrimi

It takes commitment to be a channel


Fotoula speaks, "Spiritual development increases my ability to channel high vibrational energy, and harness the inner gift of awareness. Yes, the teachings come from spirit. However, in order to develop them, work with integrity, serve others, and be a pure channel for Beings of Light, I have to transform the ego mind, and that takes continuous personal work."

Fotoula shares her experience

In 2006, my life changed completely. ISET, the wise spirit of Light known to the world as the ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess ISIS, came to me in a meditation and invited me to be her Teacher. Over the next 3 years, she instructed me into a Teaching she called the Seven Gates of Awareness – The Teachings of the Living Light. This is a spiritual and healing path of soul evolution, spanning lifetimes. The teachings are a tool towards awakening and ascension; the process of reintegration of our consciousness with the Divine Consciousness, in order to live life in a state of Grace.

ISET explained how she embedded the blueprint of the Teachings, as well as the programme for my future life. One night in 2006, I woke up with the bed shaking and moving from side to side, due to a column of light entering my body. This was a physical experience, not a dream. Yet, I felt no fear, only curiosity about what was happening. I moved my body away from the energy column and the shaking and movement of the bed intensified. I realised I should lie underneath the column, and then I blacked out. I don’t remember anything else. ISET said that this was the time that the knowledge and the wisdom of the Teachings I was going to channel were installed in my body as energy codes.

Everything I have lived since; signing up to workshops related to ancient Egypt, spiritual pilgrimages to Egypt, channeling the Teachings; ISET and other Beings of Light installed in my body that night. ISET calls me her teacher of the ancient lineage that she is reintroducing to the world at this time through the Path of ISIS. 


To be as pure a channel as I can be, takes a lot of inner work. ISET shows me how my ego manifests and how fine a line it can be between acting out of love or acting out of fear. In front of her mirror, I cannot hide. I keep working on myself, transforming the mind into the wisdom of the heart. Gradually, I am giving away the distractions that prevent me from being what the Native Americans call “a hollow bone”. I have given up alcohol, my planning job, toxic relationships, television. I meditate daily. I connect with ISET every day. This is my job. This is my life.

If you wish to experience the Living Light you can take part in an ISIS Energy Transmission. or for more information on the First Gate courses in this Path of Awakening select Foundation Teachings: Gate 1.

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