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The Golden Book of Wisdom 

Ancient Spirituality and Shamanism for Modern Times

The book became an Amazon UK bestseller in December 2018 and June 2019. 

Fotoula's Golden Book of Wisdom offers an applied approach to spirituality, 

enhanced by groundbreaking teachings from compassionate helping spirits, 

working to assist our human evolution: The Divine Mother in her manifestation as 

the ancient Egyptian Goddess ISIS and THOTH, the God of Wisdom and learning. 

The book comprises 24 spiritual lessons taking the reader on a journey of 

inner awakening. Through personal stories, examples from her therapeutic 

practice, channellings, teachings, exercises and inspired poetry, Fotoula seeks to 

guide people inwards, into their own truth. Paving the road to grace through the 

opening of the heart, the book is a path of purification, understanding, acceptance 

and divine connection. 

"A cornerstone of spiritual learning...exciting and illuminating...a must read for spiritual and shamanic practitioners", Foreword by Sandra Ingerman   



This book by Jane G. Doyle, is a collection of 18 miraculous and inspirational true stories of people who self-healed from conditions such as addiction, loss, physical illness and attempted suicide, and turned their lives around. These stories are a tremendous teaching about our inner power. 

Fotoula Adrimi has contributed her own life story to the book, chapter 22. Fotoula describes her spiritual path and how, through an awakening, she created a new life for herself, aligned to her soul's purpose. Fotoula’s story is based on her understanding that the wisdom and power to heal ourselves comes from within; that as human beings, we are much more than the conditioning of the mind says we are. Her path has been through ancient spiritual and shamanic traditions and the Path of ISIS, the ancient Egyptian Mother of unconditional love. In the book, Fotoula speaks about her journey with ISIS through experiences in the Great Pyramid and the desert. 

The book can be purchased through Amazon: 

For a signed copy by Fotoula, please email: [email protected]


The Universal Field of Light: Taking part in global ceremony –  Pagan Dawn magazine, Lammas 2019

Reclaiming the Shamanic Tradition from Chiron's Pelion mountain – Indie Shaman magazine, Issue 40, Apr 2019

The Snake Goddess: Earth's Universal Energy of the Divine Feminine – Pagan Dawn magazine, Imbolc 2019.

Following the Steps of the Dark Goddess: A Journey of cleaning bones, initiations and putting the dead to sleep – Pagan Dawn magazine 50-year celebratory special issue, Samhain 2018

Relationships: Co-dependency vs Equality – Fearless Femme Magazine, 04 September 2018

The Journey of the Shaman  – Signs Magazine January 2013 Edition


Interview of Fotoula Adrimi by Alyson Dunlop on ADX Radio Station, April 2019. Fotoula speaks about shamanism and her own spiritual awakening, being a channel of Enlightened Spirit Guides, ISIS and the enlightened teachings she is bringing to The ISIS School through Fotoula, as well as the many facets of work supported by The ISIS School of Holistic Health. 

How did it all happen? How did a town planner from Greece break through the coffin of her conditioned beliefs to emerge and claim a pre-destined soul path spanning many lifetimes? How did the many shamanic deaths lead to a spiritual rebirthing into a life of service for the highest good through working with the Divine in its many aspects? Fotoula talks about ceremony in standing stones circles, pyramids and sacred hills where she encountered her team of helping spirits that help her walk the Path of Living Light, the path of awareness and ascension.

She also speaks about her book being a collaboration with the enlightened beings of ISIS and THOTH, and a valuable resource at this time of transition in the Earth's history during the fullfilment of the prophecy for the new Gaia.


Interview of Fi Sutherland and Fotoula Adrimi by Rev. Kristin Powell, Unity FM, SoulStream
"Near Death and Rebirth with Fi and Fotoula"


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