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The AUSIR (OSIRIS) Ascension Teachings

AUSIR (the ancient Egyptian name for OSIRIS) is a Being of Light

embodying the enlightened heart. In ancient Egyptian spirituality,

AUSIR is the guardian of the Gate of the "upper region of the sky,"

what we would call, the spiritual realms of the Light. In the same way

that ISET (ISIS) is linked to the star Sirius, AUSIR is linked to the Rigel

star of Orion, or SAHU, as it was known in ancient Egypt.


AUSIR, teaches us how to grow spiritually; to open our heart,

access the state of the eternal spirit, and ascend into our own light.


The AUSIR teachings are in five stages; Five Circles which interlink

with the Path of ISIS Seven Gates of Awareness Teachings. 


Each Circle includes

  • an initiation into the Orion Portal of Light; 

  • a teaching based on the Myth of Osiris, ISIS and Horus;

  • a spiritual practice of purification and empowerment;

  • a practical teaching about different aspects of karma purification;

  • a practice initiating the process of Ascension, and working with
    the Ascension bodies.



Course Dates for the AUSIR Teachings – 2023

AUSIR 1  –  3 days, 10.00-17.00, 21-23 April 2023

(this is the next course for Initiates after Gate 2)

(Initiations for AUSIR 1 will take place on Thurs 20th April)

AUSIR 2   –  2 days, 10.00-17.00, 29-30 April 2023

(this is the next course for Initiates after Gate 3) 

(Initiations for AUSIR 2 will take place on Fri 28th April)

AUSIR 4  –  4 days, 10.00-17.00, 26-29 May 2023

(this is the next course for Initiates after Gate 5)

(Initiations for AUSIR 4 will take place on Thursday 25th May)



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