The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Spiritual DNA Activation – our ultimate potential

The 12-stranded DNA is our ultimate potential. Our current 2-stranded DNA limits us to the physical three-dimensional reality, whereas the 12-stranded DNA links us with our Divine Consciousness and enlightened state. When the spiritual 12-stranded DNA is activated, we are assisted in our spiritual journey. We come to understand spiritual truths at a deeper level, as if we always knew them. 

2-stranded DNA: the world of duality


The 2-stranded DNA restricts us to the world of duality, mirrored in the state of the collective consciousness around us. It has limited potential for lifting us out of the state of duality and experience a different perspective. It takes a lot of effort for someone who is attached to the 2-stranded DNA reality to wake-up into their spiritual nature.

It is the 12-stranded DNA that has the potential to move us out of the state of separation. When the spiritual DNA is activated and we bring the Rays of Divine Consciousness into our body through specific meditation practices, there is more potential to see ourselves in a different light. In time, we may come to understand our part in the divine plan within the universal mind of Divine Consciousness.

The Rays a healing gift to the world

There are 12 Rays in total, each Ray linked to a different strand of the 12-stranded spiritual DNA. Six of the 

Rays carry male energy; orientated to power and action, while six carry female energy; orientated towards being, stillness and expansion. The Rays practice strengthens our energy body, restructures our spiritual DNA and enables higher states of consciousness that invite changes at a physical and spiritual level.

Within our spiritual DNA exist two different powers – one is pulling us towards separation whilst the other encourages wholeness. The physical world supports separation, as we are born in different bodies, having unique life experiences. Consequently, we see the world form our unique point of view. This perspective supports the egoic self. However, our inner core is aware that we are interconnected and One with everything.

The Rays of Divine Consciousness are one of the remedies out of the state of separation into the state of wholeness. They heal the separation in our DNA and strengthen the wholeness part of the genetic code. They create powerful energy fields within us, fields of joy, grace, compassion, love and forgiveness, and take us on a profound inner journey of rediscovering our true nature. At the same time, the Rays show us where we hold negative karma and separation patterns, which can manifest as blocked energy in the body.

The ISIS School of Holistic Health offers a unique initiation and spiritual practice of the Rays of Divine Consciousness. Divine Consciousness, in the form of high vibrational energy, flows into the body, through the opening of the crown attunement, which takes place in a sacred site. Full details of the next retreat are available here.