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Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world

Online Shamanic Course: A journey of Initiation 

This course is a journey over seven months, a journey of self-realisation, empowerment and initiation.

The course is unique. It is specifically about developing our incredible human potential and activating the next stage of the earth's evolution. We will come together as a tribe, no matter which part of the Earth we inhabit or which spiritual tradition we follow, if any. We are all made of fire, water, earth and air, as well as the Divine Spirit.

Although the course is shamanic, and experience in shamanic journeying is useful, it is not essential. The course is open to all spiritual practitioners. All you need is an open heart and mind, and be able to follow guided visualisations.

Seven modules over seven months

The course consists of seven modules. Each module is a step in the journey, building our connection with our limitless self, and the high vibrational energies of the cosmos, which are our birthright. We will walk the path together, supporting each other, living and breathing our spiritual calling for a different state of being and a high vibrational earth.

As this course is a journey, participants need to intend to take part in all seven modules. Each module, one per month, will be delivered through an online webinar. There will be a dedicated closed Facebook page for our group, to share experiences, ask questions, and discuss each topic. Although the webinar is monthly, participants are expected to work with the teachings throughout the month, and I will suggest practices for those who wish to go deeper into the work.

The course takes place on Tuesday evenings (UK time) in the middle of each month, starting 19 September 2017. However, we work beyond space and time. So, people can access the webinar through the link any time, and work with the practices, the helping spirits and the energy of the group.

The course is facilitated by Fotoula Adrimi and a team of highly-evolved helping spirits that work for the highest good of humanity and the earth. Fotoula has been teaching shamanism, including classic shamanism, since 2009. However, this course is not the classic shamanic journeying of power animals/upper and lower worlds/soul retrieval. 

If you are interested in classic shamanism, Fotoula teaches the Journey of the Shaman and a shamanic practitioner's course.

Webinar dates: 19 September, 17 October, 14 November, 12 December, 16 January, 13 February, 20 March

Time: 7pm-8pm or any other time at your convenience

Cost: £225 per person, payable before the start of the course.

Place: wherever you are in the world

To book: email to book your place, make a payment (non refundable and non transferable), and receive detailed list of how to prepare and what you need for the course. This course is a journey over seven months, a journey of self-realisation, empowerment and initiation.

Modules and content

Module 1: 19 September 2017: Building the foundation for the journey

- Meeting the entities of light, our guides for the group, in the

transcended realities;

- Creating an altar for our tribe, that will support us in our journey;

- Creating a safe container for our work;

- Journeying through the Tree of Life;

Module 2: 17 October 2017: Activation of the blueprint: our ultimate potential

- Building the connection between our chakras and activating them;

- Activation journey of our blueprint and inner abilities;

- Connecting to our place of power

Module 3: 14 November 2017: Stepping into the Grid of Power

- Healing through intention;

- Working with the double pyramid;

- Uncoiling the serpent: connecting with past lives.

Module 4: 12 December 2017: Initiation

- Stripping the layers that hide our essence;

- Resurrection of the authentic Self;

- Receiving our personal symbol;

- Activating the codes of power.

Module 5: 16 January 2018: Embodying the spiritual calling

- Merging with spiritual entities of light;

- Transfiguration;

- The mirror of Truth;

- Dissolving into the void.

Module 6: 13 February 2018: Changing skin – Reclaiming the Earth

- Activating high vibrational energy fields;

- Extinguishing unskillful energy patterns that linger in our world and hold back our evolutionary process;

- Birthing the wise child.

Module 7: 20 March 2018: Stepping into the flow

- The hall of the Seven Gates;

- The path of self-realisation;

- Surrendering to the unknown;

- Gathering our support network and graduation ceremony.