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Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world



For a number of years Fotoula Adrimi has been communicating with Sirinian Beings; Beings of Light from the 

Sirius star, who are known as the engineers of life of Earth. She has also been working with ancient Light language chants, which some people will be familiar with through the Path of ISIS courses. Recently Fotoula has been 

gifted information from the Sirinians in a non-verbal way through etheric energy communication. They have 

now asked her to take this work forward by sharing it with others, through Light Activations.

In these activation sessions, participants receive an energy empowerment through sacred sound. This is an empowerment of the spiritual DNA through codes of power. There are no words to describe what this means, our logical mind has no reference for this. All Fotoula can say is that it has been a rich and profound experience that has resulted in personal expansion, which has empowered her and her work. We have no idea what these activation sessions will mean for each participant and their spiritual work. 

During some of these activations, lightworkers may be guided to open portals of light around the planet, to heighten the vibration of the Earth and heal our collective consciousness. 

A recording of the activation on 12 May 2018 is available below 

for your personal use only.

The symbol referred to the recording is the Eye of Horus in three dimensional form. This symbol is a Gate through which the activation of these energies is made possible. 

Please take part in these activations with an open heart and for the highest good. Misuse of these etheric energies will only harm your energy field. 

Star Activation

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