The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world

The ISIS School Energy Transmissions

The ISIS School offers weekly and monthy Energy Transmissions. The Transmissions are open to everyone worldwide – please check your own timezone for corresponding times.

There is no requirement for you to believe in ISIS, Archangel Gabriel, the Rays of Divine Consciousness or the Divine, to participate in these transmissions and receive the energy. 

The Transmissions are offered freely by The School. If you find them beneficial and wish to make a donation to support the vision of The School, this would be welcomed. You can do this through paypal with the email address which is linked to a paypal account. 

The ISIS Energy
Weekly Transmissions

The ISIS Energy Transmissions take place weekly on Wednesday evenings between 7.00-8.00pm (UK time). 

If you would like to connect with any of the ISIS Energy Transmissions please email

Upcoming ISIS Energy Transmissions:

May    –  30th

June   –  6th, 13th, 27th

To join the mailing list for the ISIS Energy Transmissions and receive information about the next Transmission date please email The School:

The Rays of Divine Consciousness Monthly Transmissions

The Rays Transmissions take place monthly on Sunday afternoons between 2.00-3.00pm (UK time). 

Upcoming Rays Energy Transmissions:

2.00-3.00pm, Sunday 10th June

2.00-3.00pm, Sunday 15 July

2.00-3.00pm, Sunday 05 August

2.00-3.00pm, Sunday 02 September

2.00-3.00pm, Sunday 21 October

2.00-3.00pm, Sunday 25 November

2.00-3.00pm, Sunday 09 December